We know stuff: We love and understand granite, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

We enjoy making people happy: We think the process of having granite counters installed in your home should be hassle free and enjoyable.

We listen: Each customer and project is unique and to ensure your vision is understood, we give each customer extra special attention.

We expedite: The average lead time for our "big box" buddies, is 4-6 weeks. A well-planned project with Rock Solid Surfaces will typically take 3 weeks.

We keep to the schedule: While this might sound anticlimactic, it is, in fact, remarkably uncommon in our industry.

We Git R’ Done: We know that living without a kitchen isn't fun, so we do what it takes to finish the job, including things like:
Removing existing counters same day
Mounting overhang brackets
Fabricating in the field

Stop by our showroom to see samples and discuss your project!