Fireplace Surround


Fireplaces are the focal point of any room! Why not enhance your fireplace with a granite surround? Did we mention durability?

Stacked Edges

granite-counter-with-stacked-edgesStacked edges utilize a system of tiers, to thicken the edges of granite.  Stacked edges offer a rich and elegant look to any room!   Take your average vanity to a whole new level...literally.

Granite Sinks

granite-sinkGranite sinks enhance your kitchen by maintaining the same granite throughout your ENTIRE kitchen...or mix it up with a contrasting color.  Granite sinks are a beautiful addition to any kitchen with endless possibilities!

Waterfall Edge

granite-waterfall-edgeA waterfall edge runs from the countertop to the floor.  Wrap both sides of your island for a beautiful centerpiece in your kitchen.

Chiseled Edge

granite-counter-with-chiseled-edgeChiseled Edges are a rough textured edge, adding a unique style to any countertop!

Mitered Edge

granite-couter-mitered-edgeA mitered edge is 2 pieces of granite cut at a 45 degree angle and then bonded together to form a 90 degree angle which increases the thickness of edge. Sound complicated?  Let us handle the technical stuff while you enjoy a clean, simple and contemporary look to any room!