Overview of the Granite Installation Process

  • Measurements: Measurements of your project is needed, in order to give you give you pricing.
  • Showroom: We have approximately 35 colors (give or take) at our showroom. If you can't find a color you like, we will make every effort to find it - because we are that dedicated. Every slab of granite is unique with natural veins and variations...you will be the only person with the granite you choose...doesn't that make you feel special?
  • Template: Take exact measurements and finalize all the details for the project.
  • Layout: What sets us apart from our competition is we put tremendous effort into laying out granite so the natural veins and variations in granite, line up...therefore keeping the seams as hidden as possible.
  • Fabrication: We cut, grind and polish your granite...this is where the magic happens.
  • Installation: We are now ready for installation - the most exciting part of this process. Installation will typically take 4 to 6 hours. When we leave, invite your friends over and bask in their envy.

Our Showroom

Our showroom carries 35 (give or take) colors of full slabs of granite and hundreds of quartz samples. As opposed to our "big box" store buddies, you can choose the very piece of stone that will be installed in your home. If you don't see something you like, we can order it for you...because we are that cool...I think I already mentioned that.

Stop by our showroom to discuss your project - click here for directions!